Sug. O'Shen The Everglades Foundation Project

Sug. O’Shen has teamed up with the Everglades Foundation to create 30 new artworks with water from the Everglades. These 30 new pieces have been created using alcohol ink, water from 16 different sites from the Everglades, and mixed media in the unique style of Sug. O’Shen. The artwork will be available through Sug. O’Shen’s website as well as Space324. Up to $150.00 from the sale of each piece will go directly to the Everglades Foundation.

In this unique offering you will be able to take home a piece of this beautiful National Park and help support the efforts to restore and protect the greater Everglades ecosystem. You can visit for more information on this great collaboration.  Shipping, packing, and insurance are included in all pricing.