Taylor Smith's Latest Pop Art Series - Reclaimed Silk Screen Frames

Taylor Smith Pop ArtRedy kilowat

Indianapolis, IN - Taylor Smith's latest new series of pop art is not painted on canvas but rather on reclaimed silk screens.  Taylor has been using silk screens as her base throughout the years and when a local screen print shop was getting ready to throw out 100's of old screens, Taylor saw this as an opportunity to use these screens for her new series.

Hand painted directly on to the reclaimed silk screens, Taylor's new series of pop art paintings feature iconic Pop Culture imagery, abstract post-modern flower paintings and chemical still life works. There is a palpable sense of use and history to these pieces, which have lived many lives over the decades. By adding a new piece to your collection, you are actually adding many other artworks as well which were created using these reclaimed screens.  Each piece is $575 and is approximately 23" x 21".

Taylor is currently working on adding some more iconic images to the series which include the Queen, past presidents, and album covers that will bring back awesome memories.  50 original paintings were created and only 24 of them remain.  You can check out part of the series by clicking here.