Sug. O'Shen

V.I.P Custom Artwork Credit

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I would like to offer all of you who have been interested in a Sug. O 'Shen Original custom artwork but may have been side tracked by the current circumstances going on in the world, to be able to take advantage of a special V.I.P credit towards the purchase of your custom piece. 

Whether you are ready to start now or sometime later in the year, for every $100's paid today you will get an additional $50 credit towards your special piece up to a $1500 credit. My hope is that it gives you either an opportunity to purchase a larger piece than you were expecting to buy or it will give you credit towards your special piece and save you money. This credit you purchase today will not expire and can be applied to your artwork whenever you are ready to start creating together.

It is my way of hoping to bring you all some joy as well as give you something special and meaningful to look forward to.  

Always my best and sending you much love,

Sug. O'