Campbell's Tomato Soup Disaster in Red & Blue #01

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"Campbell's Tomato Soup Disaster in Red & Blue No. 01" is a 30” x 22” original painting on paper and is part of Taylor Smith's "Luxurious Disaster: A 21st Century Tale of Love, Fame & Tragedy" series of pop artworks. This painting is a dark homage to the breakdown of the American Dream. Nostalgia, pop art history, consumerism, happiness, memory and our very own dreams are represented in this series of conscious paintings. Smith has created a loosely connected group of artworks which take as their subjects American history, vintage advertising images, references to mid-century pop artists, mechanical repetition, consumer products and fashion luxury brands, politics and the concept of failing technology through pixel-glitched computer data corruption.

This original hand-painted and silkscreened artwork is inspired by pop culture, art history and the local grocery market. Smith uses oil paint, enamel and screen printing as a means to fix her images on Fabriano Premium 300gsm heavy Italian cotton paper which is mould-made and acid free, guaranteeing extremely long conservation over time. The works in this series are a critical take on the haves versus the have-nots while maintaining a sense of humor. Smith is attempting to fuse separate worlds together — the explosive and visual power of American myths, luxury fashion and memory juxtaposed against the realities of the failing myth of America's greatness. The result? Hopefully art that takes collectors to new and sometimes nostalgic and introspective places.

Artwork dimensions 30" x 22". Oil, enamel & silkscreen on paper. Signed by artist in pencil on verso with additional studio stamp. Artwork will arrive safely rolled and packed in an art shipping tube ready for framing in your space.