Sug. O'Shen

The Original All Occasion Sugar Balls

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One-of-a-kind, hand painted Sugar Balls for all occasions!

These stunning glass ornaments are hand painted by Sug. O'Shen using her unique technique of ink and ocean water.  Each glass ball is hand painted, signed and then finished with two coats of varnish and one coat of UV protection giving these colorful gems a glistening shine and protection from the elements. 

Hang them in windows, around your deck, outside on trees, decorate your home for the holidays or for any occasion!  They also make really great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or weddings.

Price includes shipping, packing, and insurance.

  • Sugar Balls are sold in miscellaneous 6 packs
  • The water used to create each unique glass ball are noted on each box along with the GPS coordinates of the locations. 
  • 6 packs can be mixed and matched and include water from any of the following you choose: Iceland, Spain, Italy, Florida Keys, St. Nevis and St. Kitts, Outer Banks of NC, Jamaica, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Barths, Savannah, Charleston, Naples, Ireland, Jersey Shore, Lake Michigan, Tanzania, Hilton Head Island, Nantucket, Bangkok, South Beach Miami, Puerto Rico, Belize, Oahu
  • You may order a box of 6 that Sug. selects by choosing "Sug. O Selection" when ordering or you may select by specific locations by choosing "My Personal Selection" when ordering and listing the locations you prefer in the notes section.
  • Special orders can be placed if you would like to provide your own water, please email Sug. directly at