Sug.'s Original Holiday Balls 2020

Sug.'s Holiday Balls are back for 2020's holiday season! Gorgeous, original, hand painted, and signed. These all occasion ornaments make a stunning, colorful statement no matter what you are decorating. 

Each ornament is hand painted by Sug. by mixing her trademark inks and global ocean water creating a mesmerizing color affair that uniquely embraces each piece. 

Buy a box to decorate for any occasion or give them as special gifts! Each box of 4 or 8 is made up of a mix of ornaments created with water from Europe, South Pacific, the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Mediterranean Sea. If you have a color preference simply indicate which colors you prefer when checking out!

The images shown are from 2109's holiday season but give you a good idea of color schemes. Orders received by November 15 are guaranteed delivery by December 18, 2020.

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